A custom portal for every user

MSP provides benefits for every stakeholder in education, from the corporate office down to the student.

Student Portal

Better Communications

24/7 access to assignments, grades, teacher’s notes, class schedule and activity.

Higher Level of Engagement

Students understanding of expectations and their academia produces higher levels of student engagement.

Safer Campus Environments

Administration can help support safer campus environments for students with our powerful solution.

Parent Portal

Peace of Mind

Parents can see their child’s status at a glance, providing the peace-of-mind parents need.

In the Know

Update them with grades, attendance records, teacher’s notes, extra-curricular calendars, assignments and more.

Customizable Alerts

Alert them with low grades, misconduct or even attendance information.

Teacher Portal

Engaged Students

Easy access to assignments, materials, calendars, and teacher notes.

More Free Time

24/7 access to answers about everything.

Teacher Class Pages

Easy-to-use platform to post syllabuses, grading policies, class photos, teacher bios, and much more.

Administrator Portal

Improved Communications

Send emergency voice & text messages, communicate with teachers and faculty, send bulk email announcements to parents.

Increased Efficiency

Log and retrieve grades, track attendance, post assignments, and more.

Better Management

Centralized cloud-based software with powerful reporting capabilities.

Corporate Portal

Bird’s-eye View

Ability to access and see each operating sites information

Improved Communication

Manage and send strategic communications on behalf of your organization or even the local site.

Better Management

Management tools to monitor each site health, enrollment details, employment records, etc.