We strive to provide the most reliable hosting platform possible

Since 2010, MSP has supported some of the largest Private School Organizations in America, boasting 99.99% uptime.

Leading the industry in both reliability and availability

MSP strives to minimize service impacts and downtime. We design our systems for fault tolerance, and our teams for rapid incident recovery. It is in our ethos to avoid downtime at all costs, unplanned or planned. We never impose maintenance downtime if it is avoidable—because it usually is. Elements of business continuity and disaster recovery are woven into our practices and our systems. They are not an afterthought, or a task relegated to a single team.

A proven track-record

99.99% uptime is what we provide and what you can expect from MSP. At the time of writing, we had higher than 99.99% uptime over the prior 6 and 12 months.

Transparency to customers

Trust begins with open communication. We communicate incidents and planned maintenance, including any customer impact, and we display system health metrics sourced from independent third-party providers. 

Automated Daily Backups

Backups are taken daily, encrypted in transit and at rest, and are tested regularly. Backups are kept “off-site” on multiple physical devices in multiple highly secure facilities.

Isolated Hosting Environment

Our highly distributed backend platform employs isolation design patterns to mitigate risks across components. Failures of one component rarely affect other components.

Providing everything you should expect from an SIS provider. And more.

Monitoring & On-Call Support

We monitor continuously from around the world, displaying, alerting, and reporting upon our entire technical environments in real-time. Supporting customers is a collaboration between our customer-facing support team, and our engineering team. Specialized engineers are on call 24/7/365. When problems occur our teams are promptly notified, automatically provided with context, and are enabled with tools to help collaborate efficiently with peers. We employ a triage pager system to ensure alerts quickly and reliably reach engineers.

100Gbps Data Centers

Our goal is to make sure MSP runs at peak performance. That’s why we’ve selected CenturyLink as our hosting partner. CenturyLink is an industry-recognized leader for delivering managed hosting services to enterprises as well as state, local and federal government. CenturyLink’s Managed Hosting Services are located within its more than 55 global data center facilities, designed to provide state-of-the-art hosting for mission-critical environments, connected to CenturyLink’s 100Gbps global backbone, and include multiple levels of physical security, 24/7 First Touch Response support, on-site technical staff, SAS 70 II certification and PCI DSS compliance.

World-Class Facilities

CenturyLink’s data centers are outfitted with world-class physical hosting capabilities. Buildings have temperature and humidity monitoring and management, automatic water detection and removal, and automatic fire detection and suppression. Combinations of multiple power feeds, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, and on-site electrical generators provide layers of backup power. Telecommunications and Internet connections are redundant. There are no product dependencies on MSP’s corporate offices.

Business Continuity

Like the hosting of the MSP platform, while MSP maintains physical offices on both the EAST and WEST coast, the continued operation of our business is not dependent on these offices. Our products, customer service, and overall business operations are enabled to carry on uninterrupted by physical incidents or issues at our offices. Our team is equipped with Cloud-based tools and remote access & collaboration solutions, and make use of these tools daily.

Data location

Customer data is strategically hosted in the United States out of the Northeast. 

Compliance & Certifications

SOC 2 Type II, MSP has received independent certification of SOC 2 Type I compliance and is pursuing a Type II audit in 2019.

PCI Compliance

MSP is PCI SAQ-A compliant. Payment transactions are outsourced to our payment processors compliant to PCI-DSS Level 1. Click here to learn more.