Leverage the power of MSP at your Catholic Schools

MSP is a powerful platform, but when deployed across an entire Diocese, the benefits are multiplied. Take control of your schools and strengthen your mission. Discover how MSP is the most effective school management system for Dioceses on the market today. 

We Are Experts in Catholic Education

Imagine the power of MSP at a single Catholic school…now MAGNIFY it! MSP is a powerful platform, but when deployed across an entire Diocese, the benefits are exponential. Take control of your schools and strengthen your mission with a truly tailored operational system built for Diocesan requirements.

Stronger Marketing

MSP’s Diocesan marketing features make putting your organization on the map a breeze. Its intuitive processes make the most of your franchise and its resources, and help you optimize outreach.

Increased Value

Improve the value of Catholic Education with your Catholic Schools using MSPMSP’s platform offers the tools to help you help your Schools, giving them the tools to succeed and in turn strengthen the value of your Diocese.

Better Administration

MSP is a powerful software platform to help you manage your diocese. Today’s Diocesan challenges are not the same as yesterday’s. Grow your Diocese into a family-focused organization.

We are the market leader in Diocesan School Management Systems.

We know what is important to you and your schools. Strengthen your efforts and mission by leveraging our technology.

Diocesan Reporting

Give Diocesan staff, board members and schools real-time data and detailed visibility to provide tactical decision support to better steer their organization to continual growth. NCEA Reports generation is included with MSP, and reports on any data contained in the system can be generated in just a few clicks.

Compliance and Advocacy

MSP makes it easy to ensure your schools are compliant with laws and regulations imposed at the federal, state, county or Diocesan level. Know your schools have the necessary documentation on file for Catholic Conference Advocacy, Safe Environment Training, teaching certifications, other vouchers and professional certifications.


Unlike competing school management systems that have a low base price but require you to purchase numerous upgrades to create a system that works for your Diocese, MSP contains everything you need in one system. No upgrades, no surprises, no hidden fees. For one low annual price per student, MSP is your complete solution.

Advancing Standardization

Streamline your operations by utilizing MSP to standardize various practices within your Diocese. GPA calculations, report cards, grading scales and staff contracts can all be centralized and standardized. 

See for yourself how MSP is the most effective school management system for Diocese on the market today.

Enrollment Management

Auto-populate your primary catholic school data to other schools in the prospect database for easy marketing.

Optional standardization of enrollment demographic data – track exactly what’s important to your Diocese and schools

Standardize your enrollment processes across all your schools, making it easy for schools to have the same enrollment terminology and approach

Real-time reporting on exact enrollment numbers, projected enrollment numbers and historical enrollment numbers

A centralized dashboard shows where enrollment trends are coming from, in which grade levels and from which schools

Import Diocesan and Sacramental Parish Data into MSP to actively engage and market your catholic schools to parishioners and potential families

Forecast financial reports on projected enrollment budgets at schools and the Diocese as a whole. Note which families are eligible for financial assistance, what amount and how they will receive it.

See where families are at any given time in your standardized enrollment process at each school and see what their next step is

Create student-specific profiles to manage and personalize the enrollment experience for each family. Track notes, any communications and even customizable fields of data important to your Diocese.

Create reports on enrolling family demographics such as income, religion, occupation, test score data and more

Seamless and easy conversion of families to customers

Simple and accessible documentation of correspondence with families

Simplified communication with all, some, or individual families

Generate detailed enrollment reports and summaries with one click

Diocesan Communications

Improve Faculty/Staff Communication

Tools are available to communicate with your faculty and staff across your entire Diocese

Build customized Diocesan and staff calendars, accessible by everyone, making your entire Diocese aware of important events and dates

Exchange files, documents, photos, links and more between schools and faculty

A Diocesan bulletin board allows you to post announcements, visible to all faculty

Easily communicate with parents

Send communication to all parents at once, parents from a single school or a specific parent group you define

Easily send out prayers, blessings, announcements, reminders and other critical information

No more dialing by parents one at a time – one call sends the message to tens of thousands of parents at once

Multiple communication methods

Send out pre-recorded voice messages to thousands of individuals at once

Send thousands of emails out to parents and students in a few clicks

Send thousands of SMS text messages to staff, parents and students when in an emergency or critical situation

Mail merge technology allows you to print custom mailing labels for sending communication through traditional mail

School Operations and Management

Gain complete Diocesan-wide visibility and transparency across your schools. Know enrollment information, performance metrics, conduct issues, attendance, and more.

Customized login pages ensure all your Diocesan traffic – whether from students, parents, teachers or your central office staff – funnels through one dedicated login page customized for your Diocese

Verify whether schools are compliant with state, county Diocesan and DOE requirements

See the use of MSP by site in the dedicated “Implementation” module, allowing the central office to see the current modules being used or going unused.

Make better-centralized purchases with the ability to easily see and compile Diocesan information