However your school gets paid, we handle it.

MSP Payments eliminates the hassle of setting up third-party payment providers, enabling you to manage your entire school and financials in one place.

Start accepting credit cards at your school in minutes with MSP

Setting up MSP Payments is easy. In just a few minutes, your school can start taking credit card payments. No joke!

Accept ALL types of cards at the same flat-rate processing fee (contact us for rates).

Accept Payments from anywhere in the world 

Securely store cards to accept automated recurring payments (Auto-Pay) to your school

Payouts occur to the School in a week or less time

Bank Statement “Descriptions” show your Schools Information with transaction details.

Tuition Payments

Third-party tuition management companies are outdated and not integrated.

The core of our payment technology was built around accepting tuition payments for schools. We took the best ideas in the tuition market, integrated it better, simplified the process and now include it with our platform! Our tuition payment system is incredibly robust and flexible. It is setup around the business rules at your school and automated by our technology. Our platform easily generates invoices for families that are clear and concise while providing them 24/7 access to remit payments. 

Storefront Technology

Customizable Storefronts Seamlessly Built into the Parent and Student portals

The MSP Storefront Technology offers a unique selling channel for your School. You can use it to create a fully integrated store front where you can add photos, attachments like sizing information, permission slips or any additional product details and sell your products with beautiful, responsive shopping cart technology – built around your school. Now you can accept ALL payment methods for everything going on at your campus.

Auto-Pay Options

Keep Your School Paid. On time. Every time.

Parents and students can opt-in to auto-pay with a preferred payment method. Payments will be automatically collected on a selected collection date.

  • Payers can switch payment methods the day before payment collection occurs making paying your tuition easier.
  • Schools can require particular payers to be enrolled in auto-pay (and not the rest of the school does not have to). This can help your school fix consistently delinquent or late payers right in their tracks.
  • Schools can require everyone to be on an “auto-pay option” if required.
  • Payers can still make a one-time payment to the School, even if their set up for Auto-Pay.
  • If auto-pay is a school requirement, the payer can conveniently switch their payment method as they choose. MSP will validate (in real-time) the newly chosen payment method to make sure it’s valid and can be authorized.
  • Auto-Pay helps parents and students stay “on time” with their payments and obligations to the school.

Benefits for Parents

MSP Payments is convenience. 

A primary driver behind the development of MSP Payments was ensuring convenience and the satisfaction of parents and students. MSP Payments offers a number of benefits to parents and students, a few of which are detailed below:

  • Payers receive automated reminder emails when upcoming payments are due. Included is the payment amount, due dates, etc. Say good-bye to the unnecessary “billing phone calls” or “how much do I owe conversations” in the front office.
  • Payers can see their entire “Payment History” available online and it even includes all transactions and payment details.
  • Paid statements are generated automatically upon checkout. Payers will no longer wonder if the school received my money.
  • View tuition summary’s in real time. Included is the total amount owed, paid and remaining balance. Got a family with multiple students….you can even see a family Grand Total View.
  • Easily can enroll in auto-pay to simply and have payments Automatically collected.

ACH Technology 

Second to NONE in the Education Market

  • Instantly authenticate payers Bank Accounts with live Account Balances, helping Parents and Students avoid fees and overdrafts.
  • Identify verification lowers your School’s risk and reduces fraud.
  • Automates the entire end user setup process with minimal steps.
  • ACH network is supported across thousands of financial institutes.
  • Replace the mundane need of “wiring money” to your school.

Security and Compliance

Your security is our priority.

MSP has achieved the highest level of Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI Compliance). Learn more about our Payment Security and compliance by clicking below.