Our work doesn’t stop once a contract is signed. It starts.

Our philosophy is simple with onboarding: Signing a contract with an SIS doesn’t make a school an overnight expert on that product. At MSP, we believe it’s jointly our responsibility to help get your organization up and running as efficiently and painless as possible. 

Onboarding Strategy

Customer onboarding must be part of a plan which is shared and agreed upon by your School and our team in the customer onboarding process. Otherwise, it is likely that your efforts to drive adoption will be inconsistent and dispersed — creating a confusing experience for your Staff who may not know what to do when they need help. That is why we work together to formulate “the perfect” onboarding strategy for your needs.

Constant Refinement

We have refined our onboarding process for over 10 years now. Every year we reanalyze all of our installations to see what went well and what could be improved. We then take that feedback and make change with it – improving our processes all for the better. 

The Onboarding Process

We are with you through the entire on boarding process. A typical onboarding timeline from contract signing to logging into your MSP system is approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Below is a general guide to the process your organization would go through when onboarding with MSP.


Initial Contact

These are the first interactions happening between our customer success team and new schools. Our team reviews the process of how to engage our onboarding team, how our team is structured, our hours to reach us, etc.


Kickoff Meeting

Here we provide your school admin team with login credentials and basic documentation. We also set various success metrics to ensure everyone understands the role of the product in satisfying those metrics.



Here we request a copy of your report cards, certificates, and transcripts in a PDF format, allowing our onboarding team to determine the required grading outputs from your organization. We can also help you develop new report card templates if desired.


Data Conversion

Here we convert your data into the system, custom program your report cards, setup your database and date elements, etc. You are in the driver seat at this stage of the process, approving or requesting any needed revisions on your system setup.



Guided by our team, you will begin your initial interactions with the MSP platform. Our trainings are segmented by user types with your administration or front office team being the first to be trained. More information regarding training, including onsite trainings, is available by clicking here.



After being trained in the basic system functionality, we will support you in implementing the modules that are most important to your school and will help you satisfy the success metrics defined in the initial onboarding stages.

Implementing an SIS can be a daunting task. But our onboarding process ensures it is as simple, efficient, and effective as possible.

When you need help, we’re there.

After your school is onboarded, we will continue to support your school on a daily basis as needs arise. Additionally, we welcome your feedback on the platform and your ideas of how to improve it. We receive and actively respond to platform feedback submitted to us through our feedback form, available by clicking the button below.