The most data converted. In the most effective way.

At MSP we understand that providing the best software and the best support also necessitates providing the best data conversion services. Making the switch to a new SIS is no easy decision. One of the primary factors to consider is which provider converts the most existing data from your school to the SIS platform. That answer is simple: MSP does.

Leadership and Collaboration

As a joint process, we work in synergy with your school who gathers the data and submits it to our team. We do the lifting from that point forward. It’s your data so you should be involved. While we are working on converting your data we are in constant contact with you to confirm everything we are collecting for you so that you are aware of all of it, and this helps us prove to you that we have your best interest at heart. 

Secure Handling of Your Data

Not only do we convert the most data when compared to any other SIS platform, but we do it in the most secure manner possible. Our team participates in annual general security and data privacy training. Additionally, all employees must affirm their responsibilities in protecting customer data as part of their condition of employment. All new hires with access to customer data undergo a criminal history and background check prior to employment. 

Always Handled In-House

We don’t believe in trusting others with your data during the conversion process like other SIS do. That’s why we have our own in-house expert conversion team. This team is made up of individuals who work day and night to convert, extract, and implement your data from your current provider. 

100% Free. Really!

We provide this one-time data conversion for you FREE of charge when your school, organization, or diocese signs up for MSP. This is simply another way MSP is the premier choice when it comes to an SIS for your private school.

When choosing an SIS, data conversion should be a top priority. At MSP, we’ve worked hard to provide the absolute best data conversion services available.