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No other tool exists that is as powerful, customizable and full-featured as MSP, while still being attainable for schools on a tight budget. MSP saves your school, faculty, parents and students time by consolidating critical processes into one cloud-based platform.

By the Numbers
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Years Serving Private Schools
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Private Schools Served
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Daily Logins
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Students Managed by MSP

Administrators Love MSP Because...

Better Communication

Administrators have a direct line of communication with teachers and parents 24 hours a day – even in emergency lockdown situations.

Greater efficiency

The collection and retrieval of critical information is quick and easy for teachers, parents and students, increasing efficiency across the board.

Better management

Gain control over all aspects of your school through a cloud-based software solution. Reports can be generated instantly, keeping you in the know.

Teachers Love MSP Because...

Increased efficiency

MSP contains numerous tools and resources to not only streamline your job and make it easier, but also that help you be a better educator.

Engaged Students

Empower your students to succeed, giving them an always-on, cloud-based tool to track assignments, grades, teacher notes and more.

More Free Time

With information logged digitally, retrieval is easy as a few clicks. This is also true for your students’ parents, reducing your time spent on the phone.

Parents Love MSP Because...

Save time

Many tasks and responsibilities that would require you to call a teacher or visit your child’s school can be efficiently managed via MSP.

Be in the know

MSP gives you an always-on resource for tracking your student’s upcoming assignments, past grades, school events and much more.

Stay Engaged

Receive alerts when your child receives a low grade or misses class, track conduct issues, view progress reports, teacher notes and more.

MSP Includes 17 Modules that Cover Every Aspect of Your School

Grade Book

Enter grades, flag missing assignments, track student comments and enter sub-skill grades for each course.

Report Cards

We take your existing custom report card and electronically convert it into the digital report card module.

Progress Reports

The Progress Report module in the Teacher’s Grade Book allows teachers to print Progress Reports at any time.

Parent Alert SMS Text

In an emergency or lockdown, instantly communicate with your student’s parents via text message.


The Prospects module provides you state-of-the-art technology to help your school meet its marketing goals.


Post information by specific grades or classrooms and filter the viewing availability by date range.


Our customized calendar allows Teachers to post assignments that can be viewed in the Parent Web Portal.


A dynamic Reporting module provides schools a point and click ad hoc report generator.


Allow your school administrators, teachers and coaches to manage activities more efficiently and keep parents informed.

Master Schedule

Flexible enough to accommodate each individual school’s unique scheduling processes and business rules.


With our web-based Attendance Module, your school no longer has to keep track of hand-written attendance slips.


Provide your school access to historical alumni data, easily identify previous donors, and more.

Electronic Cumulative Folder

Allows for an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track any information for students, parents or teachers.


Easily track every student and their current status in your customized admissions process.


Track and manage students conduct – whether positive or negative – and ensure all parties are informed.


This database integration provides your school access to current parents, historical parents and more.


Manage lunch orders and track individual students account balances. Parents can order lunches and view current account balances.

Learn More About MSP’s Modules

With 20 powerful modules built into the MSP system, there is a lot to discover. Dive in and learn more about the power of each module.

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School administrators, teachers, parents and students all benefit from MSP. Find out how the platform benefits each group.

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