One Platform.

Many Solutions.

Stop juggling multiple software systems to run your school.

MSP is the only SIS your private school needs.

All Your School’s Information Systems Integrated in One Powerful Platform

The Only All-In-One Educational Technology Platform Designed Exclusively for Private PK-12 Schools

Run Your School Efficiently with a Streamlined Student Information System

Yep. We’ve got this down — all the expected stuff to help run a school like grades, attendance, report cards, substitutes, the works.

Simplify and Keep Track of Payments

Receive payments for just about anything. Not only can you easily accept tuition payments and fees, but an e-commerce component allows you to sell uniforms, t-shirts, lab equipment, graduation caps and gowns, all from the Parent or Student portals.

Bring New Families to Your School with Proven Marketing Strategies that Work

Want to invite interested families to an open house on Friday night? You can do that. Want to segment your list of prospects down to a specific zip code and push out a communication? Done.

Effectively Manage Enrollment

We know how important enrollment data is to private school administrators.

Clearly Communicate with Your Community

Our big focus here is reliability. Think school closures due to inclement weather or natural disasters.

What Don’t We Do?

The truth is … not much.

We’ve built the most innovative, comprehensive, and powerful Educational Technology Platform (ETP) so that all of your school’s informational systems are integrated into one. Your school consists of many components that make up one entire organization. Shouldn’t your ETP reflect that?

Built-In Shopping Cart Technology

Admissions and Analytics

Fees and Tuition

Text, Voicemail, & Mail Messaging


Report Cards


Conduct and Discipline


School Communications


Electronic Search Folder


Progress Reports



Master Scheduling

Marketing to Prospects

Substitute Management

Donors and Alumni


Volunteer Service and Hours


School Files


Email Blasts

Connect Your Community

Distinct user groups (Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students) can access the system through portals tailored to their needs. With one platform for all information systems, each member of your community can connect with each other seamlessly, all the time.

Save Time

Switching between one information system to the next wastes time — for you, your faculty, parents and students. With one simplified system, you’ll all find more time for things that really matter and never risk something being overlooked.

Reduce Costs

Stop paying for multiple information systems. Integrate them under one cloud-based platform at a fixed, affordable price per student.   

“At first, I didn’t believe that one platform could handle all my school’s needs. After a demo, we decided to go with MSP. One year later, and I can’t remember how we ever ran our school without it.

Dana Smith, St Anthony of Padua

Migrating to MSP is simple.

Integrating all your school’s information systems into a comprehensive technology platform can feel like a huge leap. It doesn’t have to be that way. Follow our four simple steps to a streamlined experience.

Step 1: Book a Demo

Compare MSP to other Student Information Systems and Educational Technology Platforms on the market. Get all your questions answered and discuss how MSP can really serve your school.

Step 2: Let Us Migrate Your Data

Give our specialists your Report Cards; Transcripts; Student, Parent, and Staff Data. We’ll analyze how your school operates and prepare the data for conversion, insuring all your school’s information is properly installed. We fully customize your MSP experience with a setup tailored to your school’s needs — we even use your own school’s terminology.

Step 3: Receive Training

We don’t just install your platform and walk away. We will train you and your staff on your platform so that integration is seamless and efficient. We’ll also provide continuous online support and upgrades.

Step 4: Enjoy Using MSP

Deploy MSP onto your school’s website. Issue logins and share with your community all the benefits they get from using MSP.

From “Prospect” to “Graduate”

MSP, we know how important it is to run your school efficiently and effectively. We’ve created the most innovative technology so you can do it all — from original inquiry to graduation and beyond.

Easy Fee Transactions

Offer an online school store and accept tuition payments, uniform fees, cap & gown fees, donations, before/after school care costs, lunch money, and enrollment/registration fees. Process and track payments with a fully encrypted and PCI DSS Compliant system. Accept credit and debit cards, cash, check — even ACH payments without the complicated setup or merchant agreements. 

Effective Information Systems

MSP has the same efficiencies as all your individual Student Information Systems as well as top-notch security. Track and warehouse all your school’s data — anything about anyone in your educational community.

One Integrated Platform

Easily access your data and strategically report on it. Moreover, use MSP to send communications based on the information in front of you.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Get a fixed price per student with no surprise fees or upgrade costs. Know exactly what MSP will charge so you can budget with confidence.

When you switch to MSP, you can kiss a lot of things goodbye…

No more juggling multiple systems

One system for emergency communications, another for report cards. Then, there’s tuition payments, fees, email blasts, teacher websites, online grading, and student data. Not only are you paying for all these programs, you’ve got to train all your staff on all these systems.

No more wasted time and effort

If a parent moves or changes a phone number, school staff has to update data in all the different systems. MSP has the ability to track and warehouse all of your school’s specific data requirements. Anything you want to track at your school on anyone — in one place.

No more worry

Perhaps you’ve heard a company promise integration only to discover it offers a watered-down version of many of these features. The platform isn’t robust enough to handle your school’s unique needs. MSP contains all of the features you need to run your school efficiently and effectively.

No more unprofessionalism

It’s a major liability for you to appear unqualified or behind the times. Requiring multiple usernames and passwords from your parents and students is counterproductive. With MSP, you’ll offer a streamlined user experience that communicates confidence and security to your stakeholders.

No more being treated like a number

With the amount of acquisition that has happened in this industry, you risk paying big money for multiple features while receiving poor customer service. As companies grow, they lose their personal touch. At MSP, we are still offering dedicated account support to our clients to provide a personalized support experience. Get great customer service from onboarding to unlimited support for as long as you are a client without paying and additional fees.

No more barriers to receiving payment

As our market evolves, parents and students shouldn’t have to login into different systems to make a payment. Nor should you have to track tuition payments with one system, use another for school lunches, and another to accept cash at the front desk (through a something like a square device). MSP handles all this. No third party software required.