To The NEW


You spoke & we listened. MSP welcomes you to our Newest Product Release – complete with an entirely new User Interface (UI) and product capabilities bringing you a whole new level of innovation for Private Schools, Dioceses and School Organizations on the market today. The best part about it, we’re just getting started.

Learn about the improvements to the new MSP that make it easier to use and easier to learn.

Watch Video

Sit back, relax, and watch our video on the top new features and reasons we’ve revamped our user interface and provided new school functionality you’re going to love!  Click below to learn more today.

Review Training Guides

Ensure your school is prepared for the new UI and the latest features. Here is a complete set of guides to help you better relate to the exciting new MSP features and how to use them at your School. Download them below.

Schedule A Webinar

Join one of our DAILY webinars that’s convenient for you. We are providing live webinar meetings to walk through the newest MSP functionality, FAQs, and we are available to help answer any specific questions you or your staff may have. Sign up today!

NEW Dashboard Technology

Our new Dashboard Technology was tailor-made for our Private School Clients seeking an intuitive, collaborative way to view and analyze their critical operational information. The colorful display and user-friendly interface guides each user type to leverage their data to spark dialogue between peers, staff members, various departments and even community members to help guide sound business decisions.

NEW User Interface (UI)

Our new User Interface (UI) is not only beautiful – but highly practical as well. Over the past year, we have been working hard to make MSP easier to use with less clicking and to ultimately make the platform more intuitive. We have listened to, studied, and considered all of the feedback from our clients and put together a completely new SIS experience that is going to heighten our client’s satisfaction and provide value for every MSP end-user. The first thing you will notice about the new MSP is the modern UI; it is more intuitive, perfectly organized, and a pleasure to look at visually. The new MSP was also designed to provide a consistent user experience across all your devices, and to be mobile friendly on tablets and smart phones, so you can stay productive anywhere on your campus.

We got here because of your feedback- Please, tell us more…

Your feedback helped get us here. We’d love to better understand the experience you had with newest upgrade and the service you’ve received. Please submit feedback directly to our team here.