Imagine the power of MSP at your Catholic school

MSP is a powerful platform, but when deployed across an entire diocese, the benefits are multiplied. Take control of your schools and strengthen your mission. Discover how MSP is the most effective school management system for dioceses on the market today.

Enrollment Management

Grow your Diocese and further your mission! Get real-time updates on the latest enrollment information across all your schools, see your enrollment trends, find demographic data and more.

Diocesan Communications

With multiple schools in your Diocese and hundreds of faculty members and parents, keeping everyone on the same page and in the loop can be an impossible task. Luckily, MSP makes it easy.

School Operations and Management

Ensure your schools are operating at peak performance. MSP gives you the ability to track multiple aspects of the various schools in your Diocese from the comfort of your office in just a few clicks.

Diocesan Reporting

Give Diocesan staff, board members and schools real-time data and detailed visibility to provide tactical decision support to better steer their organization to continual growth. NCEA Reports generation is included with MSP, and reports on any data contained in the system can be generated in just a few clicks.

Compliance and Advocacy

MSP makes it easy to ensure your schools are compliant with laws and regulations imposed at the federal, state, county or Diocesan level. Know your schools have the necessary documentation on file for Catholic Conference Advocacy, Safe Environment Training, teaching certifications, other vouchers and professional certifications.

Advancing Standardization

Streamline your operations by utilizing MSP to standardize various practices within your Diocese. GPA calculations, report cards, grading scales and staff contracts can all be centralized and standardized. Additionally, curriculum standards and lesson plans can be shared across all the schools in a Diocese through a centralized database, giving all teachers access year to year.


Unlike competing school management systems that have a low base price but require you to purchase numerous upgrades to create a system that works for your Diocese, MSP contains everything you need in one system. No upgrades, no surprises, no hidden fees. For one low annual price per student, MSP is your complete solution. Contact us today for additional information regarding pricing.

These modules have been built specifically for your Diocese


Customized calendars keep your entire faculty and staff informed of important events and dates. Send out prayers, blessings, announcements, reminders and other critical information to parents, students and faculty.

Diocese Dashboard

Quickly access real-time enrollment information, performance metrics, conduct issues, attendance, and more. Customized login pages ensure all your Diocesan traffic funnels through one dedicated portal.

Create Reports

A dynamic reporting module provides schools a point and click ad hoc report generator for nearly any data in MSP – accessible in any web browser. Generate personalized reports with just a few clicks.


Efficiently track admissions processes and the status of prospects. Integration between the Prospects and Admissions modules allow for a seamless transition from online inquiries to student enrollment.

State Reporting

Ensure your individual schools are compliant with all state, county Diocesan and federal DOE requirements and eliminate the headache of collecting, preparing and filing mandated reports.


A single source database eliminates capturing data from multiple resources. See the use of MSP by site, including the current modules being used or going unused.

Diocesan Reporting

Accurate and real time access to the data from all your schools, whether enrollment trends, staff credentials, school community data or marketing performance.

Lesson Planning

Teachers can list current and upcoming assignments, upload materials and files related to the assignment and add notes for their students, making accessing pertinent class materials quick and easy.


Manage lunch orders and track individual student account balances. Parents have online access to order lunches and view current balances. Reduce administrative costs by electronically compiling lunch orders and processing payments more efficiently.


MSP’s flexible and powerful search function puts all the important data from your schools at your fingertips. Find information in just a few keystrokes rather than digging through old filing cabinets.


A dedicated team member will assist in converting your school’s existing data to the MSP platform. We match your school’s terminology, grading system, and report card formats and create electronic cumulative folders for your students with the specific information you require.

We are diocesan experts.

MSP is the market leader in diocesan school management systems and we know what is important to you and your schools. Strengthen your efforts and mission by leveraging our technology.