Teaching has its challenges.

MSP has your back.

Being a teacher means you have massive amounts of data and information you are juggling at any time. Keeping track of students’ grades, assignments, attendance, lunch orders and conduct is no easy task. Luckily, MSP gives you the tools and resources necessary to be the best and most effective teacher possible.

Increased efficiency


    Digital gradebooks are faster and easier to manage than physical gradebooks, and the ability to add notes with each assignment grade helps parents and students stay informed


    The bulletin module gives you direct two-way access to other teachers and your administrators, ensuring communication channels are always open and you have the information you need.


    Nearly every piece of data you manage – grades, conduct, assignments and more – is stored in the cloud, making retrieval and analysis easy

Engaged Students


    Students can login at any time and see the list of current and upcoming assignments, download materials and files related to the assignment and any teacher notes


    Calendars for assignments and extra-curricular activities make it easy for students to plan their work


    Students can see their assignment grades and any notes you write to them at any time, making it easier for them to reference past mistakes and opportunities for improvement

More Free Time


    With parents having 24/7 access to their child’s grades, assignment notes, activity calendars and more, you aren’t bothered by requests for this information. Additionally, students can look up their assignments, grades, teacher notes, class schedule and activity calendar at any time, meaning they have fewer questions for you.


    By digitizing many common actions, such as conduct reports, grade books, attendance and progress reports, looking up past information and trends is easy

Engaged Parents

Improving internal operations is important, but being able to positively effect change in how your student’s parents interact with you and your class further reinforces MSP as a powerful platform that can revolutionize how you operates.


Grades, attendance records, teacher notes, conduct infractions, extra-curricular calendars, upcoming assignments and more is readily available to parents, making it easy for them to keep track of their child’s progress and eliminate the need for them to approach teachers requesting information.


Parents can be alerted when their child receives a low grade or skips class, giving them peace of mind that their child is progressing as they should. This also empowers parents to correct issues they identify with their students immediately.