School Management Software
Web Based School Management System

Overview is a web based School Management Software system that includes 20 software modules designed for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents. We designed as an affordable, powerful and user friendly software service that works for any size school. We provide our school clients a turnkey solution that reduces their administrative costs and improves communications between school administrators, teachers and parents. To learn more download our PDF brochure.

Affordable for any size school is affordable for any size school because our fees are based on your student enrollment. We never charge additional fees for hosting, data conversions, system setup, custom report card programming, training or technical support. With it’s all included for a $20.00 per student annual fee.

Customization without the costs
We are experts in private school’s processes and provide each school a customized data conversion and system setup before we start your schools training. Our customized setup includes converting all of your schools data, electronic cum folders setup and programming each of your schools report cards. Our customized approach for your school makes the training and transition to easy for your school administrators, teachers and parents.

Modules is affordable for any size school because our fees are based on your student enrollment. We include 20 software modules and all support services for an annual $20.00 per student fee. See All Modules >>

Costs was designed exclusively for Private schools to reduce their administrative costs and improve communication with schools, teachers and parents. Our turn-key solution includes 20 web-based software modules that are powerful, affordable and user-friendly. Read more>>
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